The Complete Solution

We offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a single, expert, professional organisation is responsible for every aspect of your purchase. Pelicans Group is rare in offering you a complete solution from initial, sometimes bespoke design through world-leading craftsmanship, careful manufacturing, printing and packaging, and unsurpassed personalisation to global, tracked distribution, ensuring that you enjoy a seamless procurement experience.

Our design teams can work alongside yours to ensure our intimate understanding of the needs of your brand. We can personalise to the ultimate degree, for example embossing the recipient’s name or initials onto any gift. Our distribution capability features online tracking at every turn, together with the barcode recognition of individual components and items, ensuring that you receive exactly the right piece, in the right place, ‘just-in-time.’

Pelicans Group’s Complete Solution takes care of all of the logistical requirements of filling the right glove compartment pack with the right documentation, translated and printed, and fulfilled into the right wallet for the right car ‘just-in-time,’ anywhere in the world against the car manufacturer's broadcast of requirements.


The Complete Solution, which takes away the need for Project Management by the car company, comprises a number of critical elements:

  • The design of the pouch or wallet is tailored to match the marque of the company, sized to where it is housed in the vehicle and embossed to create synergy. All are made from materials which, as a minimum, are fully REACH compliant or specially reformulated to meet the very strict environmental conditions set by the car manufacturer.

  • Only translation agencies that adhere to our standards are used, and they must belong to either the Association of Translation Companies or the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

  • Only FSC accredited paper is used during the print process and, working closely with our print partners, the Elanders Group, we ensure timely deliveries and cost efficient production methods.

  • Barcode print production is at the heart of the process to guarantee the correct content, in the correct order, bound to the correct cover. With upward of 3,000 variations of print per car manufacturer, the barcode process is essential!

  • Secure document management is used to ensure that only the correct versions are released for print.

  • Barcode fulfilment guarantees the pack content. We also provide barcode control infrastructure at the points-of-fit for stock control, and photographic proof that the correct language/model pack has been placed in the correct vehicle.

  • We can fulfil global distribution to plant, hub, import centre, dealership or individual customer, undertaking ad hoc requirements or full sequenced and synchronised daily deliveries for track fit.

  • We ensure successful delivery through the provision of whole process flow and systems across all elements of the project.

Translation Services

We only use translation agencies that adhere to our standards, and they must belong to either the Association of Translation Companies or the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

  • Professionally qualified
    We ask for evidence of qualifications and affiliations to professional bodies from every applicant, as well as analysing the specialist areas in which they work, i.e. the automotive industry.
  • Affiliations
    We specifically recruit translators who are members of either the ITI or IoL These bodies require evidence of translation qualifications and a minimum of 3 years’ proven, relevant experience in translation.
  • Mother tongue
    Translators work only into their mother tongue.
  • References checked
    We insist on following up on a minimum of 2 professional references per translator.
  • Translations tested
    The first piece of work is thoroughly proofread by an approved, independent translator to ensure it matches the standards we set.
  • Work monitored
    The Projects Team provides constant feedback to our translators which they value highly, reinforcing the fact that we care deeply about quality.

Document Management

With over 3,000 variations on print per car manufacturer, document management is critical and Pelicans Group has developed a comprehensive web-based management system to ensure full version control at all times.

Key features include:

  • Data access in a secure environment
  • Online proofing and annotation across multiple sites
  • Full audit trail of changes, approvals and comments
  • Automated go-live of products once all approvers have signed off
  • Clear and easy to use catalogue structure
  • Highly configurable access levels
  • Archive system so that past versions are always available but the latest version is auto selected for orders
  • Graphics can be stored separately
  • Webshop distribution


In addition to all of the above advantages, our Document Management system can also constitute a revenue stream for the manufacturer.