New Vehicle Owner Packs


To a large extent, Pelicans Group has built its reputation on its New Vehicle Owner Packs.

All of our wallets are tailored to match the marque of the company and sized to where it is accommodated in the vehicle. The wallets are custom made to suit the print requirement for each different model.

Cost effective manufacturing methods are identified and supply is against forecast so as to avoid stocking issues. All wallets are manufactured to conform with CI standards and all materials used are REACH compliant. Additionally, materials can be reformulated to suit the Automotive Manufacturer's requirements – for more information, please see the Materials Testing section.


In partnership with our printer – the Elanders Group – we offer:

  • Print volumes planned with short lead times
  • No minimum order quantity, and therefore no obsolescence
  • Flexible and scalable approach
  • Local market print can be catered for
  • Consistent CI and finish

For more information, please see The Complete Solution section.

Used Vehicle Owner Packs

The objective of the design of the Used Vehicle Owner Pack is to make the used car buyer feel like a new car buyer! With approved pre-owned schemes common across the industry, this is an excellent way of strengthening the buyer/retailer relationship.

Our wallets provide one neat document holder for:

  • Provenance of the vehicle, including service history and mileage
  • Information for the customer on the benefits of the manufacturer’s used car programme
  • A repository for all paperwork collected during the ownership of the vehicle, including MOT certificate and receipts for accessories
  • All other documentation relating to the sale that you wish the salesman to include

Additionally, we can set up a simple online system so that the retailer network can issue a welcome letter personalised to the retailer, the customer and model. We also ensure corporate identity conformity from cover to cover.

Accident Management Packs

We help put comprehensive information on Accident Management right there in the glove compartment, ready for when it is needed. This is to ensure that the driver’s first point of contact is the manufacturer rather than their insurance company.

This handy pack provides helpful support and practical items such as checklists, a pen, a camera and a torch. Perhaps most importantly, it provides a friendly contact number for the driver just when it is needed.

Vehicle recovery and repairs offer substantial revenue generating opportunities for dealerships and their bodyshops, as well as for manufacturers through the sale of genuine parts and accessories. By maintaining strong contacts at this important time, the relationship between retailer, buyer and brand is strengthened further.

Point-of-Purchase Packs

Reinforcing brand values and the buying decision of new customers through the Point-of-Purchase pack makes sound business sense, because it is at this time that buyers consider their options. The pack also helps to allay any fears and avoid any concerns that the buyer may experience whilst waiting for their new car to be delivered, and it helps to maintain dialogue between the dealership and the customer. The opportunities for additional product and service sales are increased dramatically.

Typically wallets include:

  • The brief guide – so that buyers can familiarise themselves with the car, thereby making the handover itself more meaningful
  • Service plans and options
  • Roadside assistance
  • Warranty documentation
  • Accessories and merchandise options
  • Finance packages
  • Insurance

The wallet is also somewhere to file all of the documents relating to the purchase, as well as being a repository for all of the paperwork arising during the ownership of the vehicle.

In short, these packs will strengthen the relationship between dealership, buyer and brand, and the customer will walk away with so much more than just a receipt for the deposit.

Safety Items

In addition to delivering the complete glove compartment pack to the point-of-fit, we can package and/or supply the following items simultaneously, minimising handling and stock control issues at the point-of-fit:

  • Warning triangles
  • Hi-visibility jackets
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Warning triangles
  • Ice scrapers
  • Torches
  • Spare bulbs
  • First aid kits
  • Emergency hammer

Bespoke Merchandise and Accessories

Bespoke Merchandise

At Pelicans Group, our design team can work with you to produce bespoke items that reflect the elegance and sophistication of your car interiors. Whether you are looking for a statement piece or simply want understated luxury, our time-honoured craftsmanship will deliver ‘must-have’ bespoke merchandise matching your customers’ aspirations and your own automotive standards.

Our designers relish the opportunity to bring challenging concepts to life, whilst faithfully reflecting your corporate brand and identity.

You will agree that often it is the packaging which ‘makes’ the product, adding an extra dimension of elegance and sophistication.


Pelicans Group designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of small leather goods and luxury core items which can further reinforce your corporate brand. We offer limited editions and one-off items through to a range of bespoke merchandise – all embodying the same design vocabulary as your vehicles.

Again, packaging can be crucial, adding impact and style, and our designers relish the challenge of creating ‘distinctly different’ concepts, whilst faithfully adhering to your brand and corporate identity.

Palette Boxes

Pelicans Group designs and manufactures palette boxes for sales staff to use when visiting customers outside the showroom – whether at their office, home or other destination – in order to present the various options for their new cars, including colours, paint finishes, leather trims and veneers.

Lightweight and easy to carry, the palette box is tailor-made to your requirements, so that all of the samples fit snugly into separate compartments and cannot be damaged whilst in transit. Designed to reinforce your corporate identity, our palette boxes enable the salesman to deliver a truly professional presentation of every separate option, as well as demonstrating how these options would work together.