Ultimate luxury, infinite care

For generations, Pelicans’ tradition of British craftsmanship has been serving iconic brands and prestigious organisations across the globe. Our bespoke items, in leather and the finest manmade materials, are designed to your exact requirements, and tailored to your corporate identity, and the elegance and sophistication of your brand.

Whether you want to take advantage of our expert guidance to realise your vision, or you come to us with well-developed requirements, our in-house design team, our manufacturing facilities in the UK and India, and our global distribution capability, make us uniquely qualified to fulfil your customised solutions.



As the preferred supplier to more than 25 car companies from Aston Martin to Volvo, we are chosen because we offer cutting edge design and innovation leading to cost-effective manufacturing, print supply, project management, integrated supporting websites and streamlined logistics. Ultimately, we deliver peace of mind.


What sets us apart at Pelicans Group is our customisation capability. Whether you are looking for a classic, timeless item or something ultra-modern, our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, as well as an in-depth knowledge and expertise of various materials, position us as the ideal integrated partner for all of your needs.


From our handbags and travel essentials to order manuals and other in-store items, Pelicans has an unrivalled range of fashion accessories. Why not join the select brands that share our passion and trust us to design collection pieces and bespoke items that enhance their customers’ experience and engagement?


Through a unique blend of craft, thoughtful design, and the finest materials and trends, we provide all the elements to perfectly capture your corporate identity – from desk items for your state-of-the-art offices to gift collections for all your discerning private wealth customers. Each of our hand-crafted accessories embodies the timeless quality and utter reliability of our client’s brands.


The bespoke items that we design and manufacture for leading hotels and restaurants form a vital part of the luxurious experience that their guests enjoy. Working collaboratively with you, our team will develop OS&E and FF&E items to create individual property interiors that will enhance your customers’ experience while ensuring a competitive price.


Pelicans Group is privileged to supply a growing range of unique pieces to the various Royal Households around the United Kingdom. These collections reflect the greatness of the institutions they honour, as well as represent a celebration of the enduring British culture of excellent craftsmanship. Our timeless pieces lend a modern-day continuity to this rich heritage.

We are proud of our heritage, our traditions and our reputation

They are the foundations on which our present-day success is built. We believe that, in honouring our past, we inform our present and direct our future.

Our British heritage sets standards of craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail and customer service, whilst our Indian heritage adds a unique breadth of innovation to our products and a rare richness of texture and colour to our designs.

We all recognise expert craftsmanship when we see it or touch it

The craftsmanship that sets our work apart is not easily acquired. It is the product of generations of craftsmen working with the finest materials, passionately and patiently honing their skills in the service of our clients, and then passing those matured talents onto their apprentices.

Only by keeping faith with these traditions are our craftsmen able to articulate completely the values of our clients’ brands in every line, cut, stitch and embossing.


We believe in investing in the communities that populate
our offices, workshops and factories

We do this partly because of our long tradition of social responsibility, but also because we believe in not only helping those that form the Pelicans family, but also those in parts of the world that need support. Over the last 30 years, we have invested in projects all over the world, with special focus on initiatives related to education, health, medical research and disaster relief.

We also take care of the wider environment in the way that we source our raw materials and recycle our waste, including card, plastic, cans, chemicals, toner, metal and, of course, leather. Another fundamental and essential part of our environmental effort is our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint through energy saving equipment. Furthermore, all lighting in our premises uses T5 energy saving lamps that are triggered by motion sensors, to ensure that electricity usage is minimised.