Fashion: In-Store

In-Store Product Displays

The Pelican range is versatile and flexible, covering a wide range of items to cater to all needs within the fashion industry. In addition to our fashion products, we also have experience producing quality in-store bespoke leather displays.

Our team of creative designers can work with you to produce a unique option for displaying and protecting superior products. Pelicans are well established in the fashion market and understand that the correct display of a product is very influential on prospective buyers.

Pelicans have worked with prestigious companies, including Lexus and Tom Ford to produce a vast range of products, from pen and magazine holders through to jewellery cases and trinket display trays. No matter the product size or style, we take the same care to ensure quality results every time.

Folders, blotters and organisers all receive an equal level of consideration during the designing and manufacturing stages, demonstrating our attention to detail and dedication to accuracy throughout the production process.

We offer an exceptional packaging and delivery service on all orders to ensure our branded goods and accessories are in safe hands from start-to-finish. If you are interested in using Pelicans to design and manufacture your bespoke leather goods then contact us to talk your ideas through.