The traditions that form our heritage are the foundations upon which our present-day success is built. We believe that, in honouring our past, we inform our present and direct our future.

Our British heritage sets standards of craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail and customer service, whilst our Indian heritage adds a unique breadth of innovation to our products and a rare richness of texture and colour to our designs.

Partnering with Pelicans harnesses over 30 years of unique design and manufacturing experience in the service of your business objectives.

Remaining faithful to our heritage ensures our enduring dedication to traditional, quality craftsmanship and technical innovation. These values deliver the capability and determination that allows us to meet the most challenging of deadlines.


We all recognise expert craftsmanship

when we see it or touch it

The craftsmanship that sets our work apart is not easily acquired. It is the product of generations of craftsmen working with the finest materials, passionately and patiently honing their skills in the service of our clients, and then passing those matured talents onto their apprentices.

Only by keeping faith with these traditions are our craftsmen able to articulate completely the values of our clients’ brands in every line, cut, stitch and embossing.